GMP Equalisation Survey - October 2021


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Organisation/Pension Scheme (optional)


1. Are you a:

If you are involved with a number of occupational pension schemes, please answer the following questions based on a typical scheme in your portfolio.

2. Is the scheme paying equalised transfer values going forward?


3. What do you see as the main challenges to be overcome as part of the scheme completing its GMP equalisation project overall? (Please pick up to 5 of the following reasons, ranking them in order (where 1 is the most important reason and 5 the least important).)

Benefit design quirks
Fitting around other scheme business
Data quality
Capacity of advisers
Administrative capability
Uncertainty around conversion
Lack of industry consensus
Uncertainty around tax treatment

4. Have you started carrying out data analysis to identify any gaps in scheme data that could impact the scheme’s GMP equalisation project?


5. Are you planning to trace former members in order to fill in missing data gaps and pay transfer top ups?


6. Are you planning to contact other pension plans to enquire about the payment of top ups, where transfers have been paid from those plans to the scheme?


7. Are you planning to defer making GMP rectification adjustments to pension benefits in order to combine the adjustments with those required for GMP equalisation?

YesNoNo decision made
Active and deferred members
Pensioner members

8. Approximately how many members have raised queries regarding the impact of GMP equalisation on their benefits?


9. If you have any other comments or observations you would like to make in relation to the GMP equalisation process please leave them here:


10. If you would like to hear more about our analysis of the survey results, please provide us with your email address below.

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